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our wellness centre in trentino

salus per aquam: the swimming pool

How about you relax and let the bubbles in the hot tub pamper you? Take advantage of our hotel’s swimming pool, an essential treat for the body. Enjoy its benefits and indulge in the very pleasant massage that will tone your skin.

In the water, a cascade jet will massage and relax the cervical area, while the geyser and bubbles in the whirlpool will vary the blood pressure and improve circulation.

Pure fun even for the youngest guests thanks to the safe and comfortable children’s pool, you can enjoy your moment of relaxation having always under control your children.

In our hotel with wellness center in Trentino you will be free to relax completely, in an harmonious world of aromas and sounds that will relax your body and soul.

everything you need for your well-being

Immerse yourself in the wellness center and you will have an immediate feeling of serenity. This is the ideal environment to indulge in pleasant moments of pure relaxation.

In our wellness centre, in addition to the swimming pool, the whirlpool and the children’s pool, you will find the sauna, the biosauna, the Turkish bath, the sensory showers, the ice fountain and the relaxation area with herbal tea corner.


The Finnish sauna is made entirely of fragrant larch wood and with its pleasant warmth, it is what we look for most on cold days. Wide and spacious, it reaches a temperature of 80°C and a humidity of 10-20%, inducing an abundant perspiration of the skin.

Located halfway between a Turkish bath and a Finnish sauna, the biosauna exploits the regenerating and purifying properties of heat, but never reaches too high temperatures. In the biosauna, in fact, the temperature never exceeds 60°C, for an enveloping and comfortable feeling of warmth.

turkish bath

With a temperature of about 55°C and 100% humidity, the chromotherapy steam bath is famous for its purifying properties, giving the skin new life, purifying and smoothing it.

Ideal for purifying not only the skin, but also the respiratory tract. Let yourself be enchanted by the intense scent of mountain herbs such as mountain pine, eucalyptus, chamomile flowers…

ice fountain

After the heat of the saunas and steam bath, the contact with the crushed ice will recharge you with new energy to dispense in your next activities in Val di Sole.

sensory showers:

Enjoy a regenerating moment with the sensory showers, the perfect treatment to awaken body and mind. Showers flavoured with mountain pine, mountain herbs. The emotional showers prepare the body and warm it up for subsequent treatments.

relax zone

Finally, indulge yourself in peace and quiet in the elegant relaxation area in the wellness centre.

fun for the little ones too

At the Hotel Rosa degli Angeli we couldn’t miss the fun for our little guests. Right next to the adults’ pool you’ll find the children’s pool, where they can play undisturbed under the watchful eye of their parents.

… Fun is guaranteed, as always, for the whole family!!

water aerobics, relaxation and muscle awakening

The saying “healthy mind in a healthy body” is known by everyone, and it is precisely for this reason that, to allow the mind to relax, at the Hotel Rosa degli Angeli we propose activities that can keep the body pleasantly trained, without tiring it.

The animation team is ready to help you try water aerobics exercises and muscle awakening… relaxation will be a direct consequence.

entrust yourself serenely to the expert hands

of our qualified operators, who will pamper you, spoil you with a kaleidoscope of wellness treatments, designed to relax and at the same time give you new well-being and energy.

Let yourself be pampered and enveloped by well-being, release stress and tension by relying on the care of our massages and the manual skills of our operators.

From classic massage, flavoured with mountain scents, to beauty treatments. We use refined and personally tested products, with aline of Bio products for guests who choose the best for their body.



try some of our packages

pink package: € 80 per person

  • 1 body brushing with reactivating and draining properties
  • 1 lifting facial treatment

alpine nature package: € 94 per person

  • 1 body scrub with moisturising cream
  • 1 massage with essential oils

lavender package: € 148 per person

  • 1 reflexology treatment
  • 1 Total Body Massage
  • 1 Holistic facial treatment with special essential oils

not to be missed: appointment with wellness!

Once a week: unmissable appointment with the wellness experts. Our operator will advise you how to get your daily energy back.

And while you relax, your children will be taken care of by our entertainment staff, involving them in fun games to play with their dad.

our hay line

discover Hobe Pergh products

The integral hay extract is the heart of every Hobe Pergh product. The active ingredients and aromatic characteristics contained in the mixtures and macerates act on the detoxification of the body, on the imperfections of the body making metabolic exchanges more active.

You can find massage and treatment proposals that effectively combine mountain herbs with the latest innovations.

Extraordinary beauty secrets, for pleasant sensations of well-being, which ensure a regenerating and revitalizing effect for your skin.

our cosmetic line

these cosmetic products are highly concentrated, high-performance, biodegradable.

Composed only of renewable raw ingredients of vegetable origin, they do not contain oil-derived products, nor silicones or aggressive preservatives. No synthetic dyes and perfumes.

Face and body treatments combine the pleasure of caring for ourselves, our health and our body with respect for Nature and its creatures.

Choosing bio-ecological cosmetics is a sign of having understood the true meaning that we are all ONE.

lucia torri cianci method

reflexology of foot and body

When emotions become rocks, the body becomes the sack that drags them heavily into everyday life.

A body that to feel less fatigue adapts, bends, alters. In all this bear it communicates with heavy legs, with fat that accumulates, with a vein that peeps, with a pain that torments, with a headache that nags.

His speech, with a symptom or defect, must be heard, read and interpreted. And finally it needs massaging, soothing, softening, changing. In our treatments we have hands that know body language, listen to it and transform it.

fitness also on holiday

ideal for sporty people

For you, sportsman and wellness lover, the wellness path begins in the fitness room.where you can take advantage of equipment for aerobic activity and multi-power machines for the toning of all muscle groups. The Hotel Rosa degli Angeli cares about your fitness and your well-being by offering you unlimited access to the fitness room complete with the bestTechnogym equipment.

  • Reclining exercise bike
  • Reclining bench for exercises
  • Dumbbells with variable weights
  • Stretching Tools
  • Tapis Roulant





where we are

via del Fontanino, 2   38024 Pejo Fonti (Trentino)

think about you love and…

Travels, known by anyone like extraordinary experiences. Surely they will be remembered easily and with more joy.

You will always remember a travel, imagine if this reveal an unforgettable experience.





where we are

think about you love and…

Travels, known by anyone like extraordinary experiences. Surely they will be remembered easily and with more joy.

You will always remember a travel, imagine if this reveal an unforgettable experience.